Tumor Marker innovation is a spin-off of the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, which is the result of the effort of a team of experts in the field of bio-markers with more than 35 years of experience in scientific study, clinical research and proper assessment of the results. Through the improvement of knowledge we have proven that we help in the diagnosis and monitoring of tumors, improve the interpretation of results and avoid errors that harm the patient, generate confusing data or explore other explorations (biopsies, imaging techniques ) unnecessary and very expensive. The use of computer programs that use expert rules through clinical experience and applied research, endorsed and accepted scientifically by its publication in prestigious journals, the values of tumor markers, as an expert in the said field.

The mission of Tumor Marker Innovation is to propagate the knowledge and use of biomarkers, to use them properly, when and where they are needed to obtain the best diagnostic efficacy and to interpret the results correctly through computer programs that use expert rules obtained through clinical experience and applied research. These computer programs have the purpose of helping the expert in the diagnosis in a faster and more efficient way, avoiding unnecessary tests, many of them expensive and even painful for the patient and also being able to offer a quick diagnosis.