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Tumor Marker Innovation programs include the latest known information about the main tumor bio-markers, assessing the subject's situation (demographic and clinical), associated pathologies, the influence of other data (laboratory / image) interprets the correlation of the different bio-markers and evolution over time. The integration of all the data allows to determine the probability of malignant tumor, the possible explanations of the result and above all the attitude towards them.

This information is useful to guide on the risk of cancer, advise or not more aggressive diagnostic tests (biopsies, images) etc. It is of great interest in patients with suspected neoplasia (paraneoplastic syndromes, suspicious images such as pulmonary nodules, or hepatic nodes), with suspicious symptoms (hemoptysis, chest pain), with high risk of neoplasia (BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 mutations, family history ), to detect tumor recurrence or assess the efficacy of the treatment.


is a program created to help in the diagnosis and histological diagnosis of lung cancer based in the experience of 3200 patients using 6 tumor markers: CEA, CA 15.3, CYFRA 21-1, SCCA, NSE and ProGRP.
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General Use

The program is based on the experience of Dr. Molina in the study of tumor markers during the last 25 years.

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The objective of the program is to help in the management of patients with abdominal masses, the differential diagnosis with benign gynecological pathology and the monitoring of patients with ovarian neoplasms.
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